4 Museums Tourists Must See in Zurich

Discover the best places to visit in Zurich.

Zurich was often called the world’s capital of banks and money, and those kinds of superlatives are not surprising since Zurich is Switzerland's largest city, the country's economic engine, and it hosts the fourth largest stock exchange in the world.

On the other hand, Zurich is one of the few cities in the world which tourists can discover through culture. Zurich has over 50 museums and 100 art galleries. Those who seek for an explanation for Zurich’s success and fame should start exploring its museums, because this would be a fascinating way to learn about the city’s development, its values, culture and symbols.

Travelers who reach Zurich should include a visit to the following famous tourist attractions.

The Money Museum

In a city like Zurich where banks and bank accounts are omnipresent, a numismatics museum shouldn’t seem odd. A visit to the Money Museum can be an attractive finance lesson. Tourists will be discovering the history of the most famous coins in Europe, the story of the currency and all about the trade in ancient times. Admire the impressive collections of the Money Museum: from the silver coins of Alexander the Great to the American dollar. Visitors may choose unique guided tours to learn more about the printed currency or the golden coins that made history.

The Clocks and Watches Museum

Switzerland gained a part of its world wide fame due to its clockmakers. Their legend starts in the sixteen century when the French theologian and pastor Jean Calvin was recruited to reform the church in Geneva. He convinced the jewelers to become clockmakers. Their guilds gain power through the years and soon enough appeared the first renowned brands, such as Audemars Piguet, Patek & Philippe, who have a tradition of several centuries.

One of Zurich’s tourist attractions is the museum devoted entirely to the history of clocks and measuring time. The Beyer Museum, located in the heart of the city, hosts over 500 exhibits: from hourglasses and sundials to modern watches or technical instruments of navigation. The most notable exhibits are a watch designed by the famous company of Patek-Philippe and a quartz watch that updates every second time through a wireless connection with the atomic clock in Neuchâtel.

Jacobs Museum

In Zurich, a business meeting takes place in front of a cup of coffee. Although the history does not bind the flavored drink directly to the Swiss city, the Jacobs Empire brought up in Switzerland the flavor of strong coffee. Klaus J. Jacobs, the inheritor of Johan Jacobs, opened almost 3 decades ago, a museum dedicated to coffee. A trip to Zurich should include a visit to the Jacobs Museum. Tourists will discover more about the coffee production, the way the exotic bean of coffee won the cultural life of Paris and Vienna a century ago, what colors and shapes had the coffee cups during history and how coffee trade developed.

The Mills and Bakery Museum

The Swiss know how to sell watches as well as other traditions, and the milling and bakery are the tasty ones. In the Baking Museum tourists will discover mills and the bakery flavors of fresh bread and flour. Visitors can see one century old mill, still operating at full capacity and producing tons of flour annually. For a visit here one should make in advance booking. Those who manage to get it and visit the museum can live the unique experience of baking bread in the museum’s bakery or milling wheat grains into old mills.

Tourists should also visit the Tram Museum, the Swiss National Museum or the Museum of Medical History.

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