Copenhagen Sandwich and Salad Bar Restaurant for Vegans and Vegetarians

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The Skildpadden restaurant is a quaint sandwich and salad bar in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark and is perfect for both vegetarians and carnivores alike. What attracted me to this Copenhagen eatery was the charm and it's warm atmosphere.

The Copenhagen restaurant is in a basement with a low ceiling with thick wooden beams, wooden tables and organic looking decor. There are shafts of natural light as well as candle light, and the atmosphere is intimate and local.

There are hanging plants and greenery in every corner as well as turtles in every shape and form – except live! On the walls are large ceramic turtles and tucked away in various corners are ceramic turtle figures. Thus the name - Skildpadden - which means turtle.

The Copenhagen sandwich and salad bar restaurant, Skildpadden, is located at number nine Grobrodretorv Square which is a few minutes walk from the main pedestrian walk way, Strogat. The square is not a touristy one and makes a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of the main drag. It is however very popular but mainly among locals. If your time is flexible then avoid the lunch time rush. There is seating inside and outside the restaurant so that people watching is possible, and in the winter the cozy interior makes for a warm retreat.

The Copenhagen restaurant and salad bar suits vegetarians looking for a wide variety of salads and cheeses. The salad bar is a meal in itself, and you can refill your bowl. Apart from that there are soups, steaks, burgers and fish, but their specialty is salads and sandwiches.

The front "counter" greets you as you enter and you are asked to choose your bread or roll from a basket of whole wheat, olive bread, pistachio bread, white bread and more. Once you have chosen the bread you then pick out the sandwich filling which includes a variety of cold meats, salamis and cheeses. All the sandwiches are made to order so everything is fresh. Then the sandwich is presented to you in a paper lined basket and you make your way to the salad bar to stuff the basket as full as you want with pickles, veggies, relishes, humus, herbs and salads. Once over flowing with salads you can also have your sandwich toasted if you choose.

The Copenhagen restaurant Skildpadden, also serves alcohol and hot and cold beverages. Prices are reasonable with a salad and sandwich costing 35 Danish Kroner, and meal prices ranging from 35 to 100 Kroner. Coffee and cake costs 49 Danish Kroner. The Turtle sandwich and salad bar accepts credit cards. This Copenhagen restaurant is child friendly, as for wheelchair access, there are stairs leading into the restaurant but outside seating would suit someone in a wheelchair.

Open hours are from 11:30 – 22:00 Monday to Saturday, and 12:00-20:00 on a Sunday. The web site is only in Danish. Give this Copenhagen restaurant a try if you are vegetarian or vegan and you won't be disappointed.


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