Dare to Try These Attractions in Berlin, Germany

Visiting Berlin? Try out these daring feats and adventures!

If you've never traveled to Berlin, now is the time! This cultural city is an amazing place to see and is a great city for thrill seekers! Not only is it the capital of Germany, but aesthetically and architecturally one of the most beautiful places you can visit. With the temperate seasonal climate, about one third of the city's territory is composed of forests, parks, gardens, lakes, and rivers. That's one third of the city consisting of natural habitats, with two thirds of the city being, well-- "city". This is a perfect combination of natural versus man-made to create some of the most thrilling vacation spots on the planet! Here are just a few suggestions from a long list of great activities to try in Berlin. In fact, we dare you to try them!

Ever Dined in the Dark? We Dare You!

Have you ever been deeply in touch with your five senses? Ever dined in the dark? Dinner in the Dark Experience is a dining treat everyone should try, at least once! Upon arrival, you will be asked to make your menu selection. Lights remain on while you choose your meal, but turn off for the rest of the unique sensory experience. No candles and no lighting of any kind to illuminate the room, making your other four senses heighten.

You have the choice of a few culinary creations to choose from for a hearty European style meal. Vegetarian meal, for those that avoid meats, Seafood for the many delights from the ocean, and for those of you that are more daring; the choice would be the "Surprise" menu, to try new flavors and aromas. Visually impaired, but specially trained waiters guide you through your dining pleasure.

Live entertainment, especially designed for the darkness, may include live music, a murder mystery, or a little "dark" comedy, excuse the pun. Dinner in the Dark is a unique dining experience in the beautiful Berlin. We dare you to try eating in the dark! You might just find out how all of your senses are taken for granted throughout everyday life!

The price for this adventure is $82.15 for ages 3-99. Two and under are free. Reservations for this tour can be made on Hotel.com.au.

Eltz Castle is a Must See for any Thrill Seeker!

The Eltz Castle has been owned by the Eltz family for 33 generations. They are still there today, living in one wing of the huge structure. The castle is surrounded by three rivers and is located between Koblentz and Trier. The castle features a museum and has an impressive collection of original furniture, including artwork also on display. The original treasure vault is worth a visit! The knights Hall features armor dating back to the 16th century and locals claim the ghosts of medieval knights still roam the grounds.

Some of the castle walls still have strong medieval plaster, consisting of ox blood, animal hair, camphor, clay and quick lime. The castle was apparently attacked once, but never taken. Eltz castle is an insider tip, which makes it less busy than other castles you can visit in Berlin. For you thrill seekers and ghost hunters, along with history buffs, this is a perfect place to check out! We dare you!

The Eltz castle can be found at Burg Eltz, 56294 Münstermaifeld and you may contact them at 02672 - 950500. Tour times are 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, April through November. The cost is 8 pounds or about $12.48 in US dollars; 5.5 pounds or about $8.58 for students. Because the tour is an insider tip, there aren't any English speaking tours available, although you can wait for enough English speaking tourists, or walk through with German speaking tour guides and refer to an English fact sheet available at the castle.

Berlin's Dark Worlds Underground Tour

Considering Berlin's history, a Dark Worlds Underground tour is a must for learning fascinating historical facts while imagining yourself placed in a small, dark room, listening to the constant whir of ventilation machines and hearing the terrible thunder of bomber aircraft overhead. This 90 minute tour discusses the bombing campaign and the civilian shelters, as well as bunker complexes and remnants from World War II found underground. The Underworld Museum displays finds from subterranean Berlin, such as Berlin's pipe system, and the cathedral-like brewery cellars.

This Dark Worlds Underground tour is $11.75 and lasts about 90 minutes. Dark Worlds is a walking tour that departs from the Underground Station, "Gesundbrunnen", which is easy to locate. The tour ends at the departure site. The tour leaves at 11:00 AM and reservations should be made in advance. Price includes a tour guide and admission. All contact information is listed in the Dark Worlds Underground tour at Viator.com/tours/Berlin, which can be found by clicking on the link listed above. Learn the history of the Dark Worlds! See what they went through as they waited for the devastating bombing to end. We dare you to walk a mile in their shoes!

Skydiving Berlin; We Dare You!

There is no better adrenaline producer than skydiving and what better place than Berlin? See the sights from 4,000 meters or 2.5 miles in the air during a wild freefall ride by Air Service Berlin! Novice skydivers can ride tandem with a licensed skydiving instructor, who wears a tandem harness; placing you in front to enjoy the view, but with the safety of an instructor behind you! You receive approximately 20 minutes instruction, then you are ready for take off!

You are taken on a 20 minute sightseeing flight until you reach the limit; then the door opens, and the outside world from an ant's perspective appears. It's show time! Taking the plunge, you will experience 50 seconds of an intoxicating free fall (now you know what it's like to fly!), then you'll feel a little jolt, as the parachute expands and takes over your ride. Five to six minutes of a soft fall follows, allowing you to see the land below from 1,500 meters, or almost a mile in the air!

The cost of this thrilling ride is 190 Euros, or $248.41 US. Jumps are available Tuesdays through Sundays, 9:00 AM until sunset. The Air Service Berlin site is located at Fehrbellin Airport, accessible via A24 toward Hamburg, Fehrbellin exit, and follow signs to the airport.

Take a ride of a lifetime! Skydive Berlin! We dare you!

Berlin Dares you to Join in Our Pubs and Clubs!

After freefalling during the day, join locals and other tourists in the night life scene at night! We dare you to visit night clubs and pubs with us on a tour you have to experience! Share a beer and a laugh on a tour of bars, art squats, authentic pubs, and cocktail lounges. Finish up the night in Berlin's most chic happening clubs. This tour will take you to places you won't find on your own. So put on your dance attire and prepare for an evening with the Insider Bar & Club Crawl to end your action filled adventure in Berlin.

This tour includes drink specials all night, free "shots" though the night, a free crate (case) of Beck's Beer as a welcome starter, and guest list entry to all the pubs and clubs the locals attend! We dare you not to have fun!

To get your e-ticket, visit Insider Tours. You can buy your ticket online now, or wait until you arrive where you can purchase your ticket through your guide. Tickets are 12 euros or $15.69 US. Student tickets are 10 euros or $13.07 US currency. Dates for the tour run almost daily. If you wish, you may order the "New Year's Eve Pub Crawl".

Berlin Offers Many Daring Adventures! Create a Vacation You'll Never Forget!

Berlin is a place of beauty, fun, and history. Visit today to enjoy the architecture and friendly residents of this historical capital. But don't forget to make this vacation count! Walk the unique path of the fun activities to do in Berlin today! We dare you to not have a good time in Berlin!


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