Dovre Mountain National Park - Home of the Great Musk Ox

Dovre Mountain National Park is one of the newest, but also one of the most visited Nat. Parks in Norway. Home to numerous wildlife such as Musk Ox, Mountain Fox and Reindeer, it makes for an exciting place for nature and wildlife lovers. Dovre Mountain is also home to a mountain top that is quite famous in Norway, called Snøhetta ( snow hood) and it can't be missed as it actually looks like a hood.

Dovre Mountain National Park lies within Oppland and Hedmark counties and border to Trøndelag county. The National Park covers 289 km² (112 sq mi). Lowest altitude is 1000m  and highest altitude is 1716 m. It's nested between two older national parks; Rondane National Park to the east and Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella to the north.  

From the oldest times Dovrefjell has been the border region between the northern and southern parts of Norway, and the road over the mountain was well known. The expression "til Dovre faller" (until the Dovre mountains fall = until the end of the world) is widely used in Norwegian.

Dovre is home to various wild animals, such as  wild Fennoscandian reindeer of Beringia origin, mountain fox and of course the musk ox.  Dovrefjell National Park is actually the only place in Norway, and one of the few places on earth, where you can see the mighty musk oxen. 

The musk ox is an artic mammal and known for it's incredibly thick coat and the strong odor emitted my males to attract females during mating season. And it's name derives from this odor. They primarily lives in Arctic North America, Greenland and with smaller populations in Norway, Sweden and Siberia. 

The muskox weighs between 200-400kg and can be between 2-2.5m long. It has short legs, but don't be fooled by it's size... this animal can run way faster then you. 

In the summer time they tend to stay in lower, more forest like areas, but in the winter they treck higher to avoid deep snow.  They are plant eaters, living on moss, leaves, grass etc.

On Dovre it's possible to attend Musk Ox safari.


Image;                                                               Image; Roger Brendhagen.

If you're a nature and wildlife lover, I can highly recommend a trip to this wonderful area. The nature in itself is well worth the trip, but hiking in these mountains, you're pretty likely to see reindeer and musk ox. The fox is a bit more elusive, but I believe if you get a local guide, it should be possible to find the fox as well.

Happy travels!

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