Glatt Kosher: Kosher Food Berlin

Kosher food that is prepared properly is certified as “Kashut” in Berlin.

Kosher supermarkets in Berlin supply fare that is suitable for people who must adhere to a strict dietary regimen. They make it easier for individuals in the city who want to adhere to a kosher lifestyle. Glatt kosher meat is free from defects such as lesions and broken limbs.

Berlin is visited by a large number of people every year. These tourists come in order to enjoy the city’s fashion, as well as its architecture. In 2012, Berlin will host the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This event will be held at the Brandenburg Gate. A number of other fashionable events will be hosted in conjunction with this main one.

Food in Berlin Germany

Berlin food is also known as some of the most affordable cuisine in Europe. Food in Berlin is a mix of cuisine from all over the world, brought there by immigrants from different countries. Berlin Jews, like other groups have influenced the way that people in the city prepare their dishes.

Most people think that Berlin food is not for persons who are watching their weight. It includes dishes such as Currywurst, which is hot sausage prepared with ketchup and curry powder, served with chips. Another popular dish is Boulette, a mix of a meatball and a hamburger. Kosher food is less fattening. 

Kosher Food Berlin

Kosher food is prepared by following Jewish dietary laws. Kosher food that is prepared properly is certified as “Kashut” in Berlin. Currently, Berlin’s Jewish community is growing rapidly. People who want to make sure that they are eating kosher food have more choices now than they did before.

One of the persons who have played an integral role in the process of making kosher food available to Jewish residents is Rabbi Yitshak Ehrenberg. He came from Jerusalem to Berlin. He has been in the city for more than fifteen years. He assists with checking and certifying food that is presented as kosher.

Kosher supermarkets sell a variety of bread. Customers can buy meat such as sausages, lamb, veal, duck, turkey and chicken. They carry fish and other seafood. Some stores have delicatessens that use all kosher ingredients.

Kosher Catering Services

Kosher catering services prepare food and drink for Jewish celebrations. They provide an option to people who would otherwise have had to prepare and serve kosher food for these events themselves. Businesses that can prepare large amounts of food for Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and other events have been doing well in the city.

Kosher Food at Non-Jewish Stores in Berlin

Nowadays in Berlin, Jewish customers who follow strict dietary laws can find food that suits their lifestyle in a wide variety of places. More general supermarkets carry kosher food than ever before. The products are affordably priced.


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