Interesting Facts About Greece

An article containing interesting facts about ancient and modern Greece.

Greece is a country in the South-Southeast Europe and a part of Balkans. Here are some interesting facts about Greece:

- The official name is Hellenic Republic. Greece is also known as Hellas.

- The Greek flag is blue and white.

- Greece covers an area of about 132 thousand square kilometers.

- Around eleven million people live in Greece.

- Athens is the capital city. According to Greek mythology, Athena and Poseidon agreed that whoever would give the best gift to city, would become its guirdian. Poseidon gave water, but Athena gave an olive tree and won the challenge. Thus, Athens got her name. Nowadays, about 4 million people live in Athens. Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It's inhabited for over seven thousand years.

- Greece is the birthplace of Democracy.

- Numerous English words have a Greek origin.

- The Greek alphabet is the first to contain vowels.

- The sun shines for more than 250 days a year.

- Greek ships make up more than 50% of the European Union's merchant fleet, which means that Greece is a real merchant power.

- The Greek language is spoken for about four thousand years. It's the oldest language in Europe.

- The Parthenon is one of the most known monuments on earth. It was built about 2500 years ago on the Acropolis above the city of Athens.

- Greece is a mountainous country. The highest mountain is Mount Olympus, at 2918 meters.

- Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic games.

- Greek plays writen more than 2000 years ago are still being acted.

- Greek colonization reached Russia, France and Turkey.

- Greeks wave with a closed hand rather than an open one. This is considered an insult instead.

- At the moment, about 14-15% of adults are unemployed.

- Drachma was the official Greek currency for more than 2500 yeas, before being replaced by the Euro in 2002.

- Greece has approximately three thousand islands, the biggest one is Crete.

- More than 10 million tourists visit Greece every year.

- The city of Rhodes (the capital of the island of Rhodes) is the most popular location that tourists visit in Greece.

- Greeks celebrate both their name days and their birth dates.

- The life expectancy is really long, at 79 years.

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