Interlaken, Switzerland: A List of the Best Attractions and Sightseeing

For tourists and travelers visiting Interlaken in Switzerland, the opportunities for entertainment activities can be really endless. In this article, you can find a comprehensive list of the most popular activities, worth spending your holiday time and ge

Lovers of mountain and lake resorts can find the best of two worlds in the popular tourist destination of Interlaken.

Interlaken is a picturesque town in the Swiss Alps and, as its name implies, it is located in between two lakes, the Lake Brienz (Brienzsee) and the Lake Thun (Thunersee).

Interlaken is proud of its watch-making history and it is the home of exclusive brands, such as Horlogerie Kandahar, a maker of high quality personalized and commemorative watches, and Kirchhofer, which operates the famous Kirchhofer Haute Horlogerie in Interlaken’s restored oldest building.

The lake scenery around Interlaken offers astonishing views to the visitors. The best way to enjoy the marvelous Giesbach Waterfalls is to get onboard one of the boats sailing around the Lake Brienz, and then use the oldest funicular railway in Europe to climb to the top of Giesbach Falls.

For visitors interested in medieval towns, castles and churches, a boat tour around the waters of the Lake Thun will be a pleasant opportunity to learn fascinating aspects of local history. Besides, the Lake Thun is the perfect place for water sports and snow skiing enthusiasts to participate in such activities. Finally, those traveling around the Lake Thun could feel surprised by the views of plants from warmer climates flourishing on certain mountain slopes, as well as vineyards!

For most tourists visiting Interlaken, the main points of focus are its lakes and mountains. However, the River Aare, connecting the Lake Brienz with the Lake Thun, can be a quiet resort for those who enjoy pleasant walks by tranquil river scenery and picturesque gardens, with the English Garden being a typical example.

In addition to a list of other things that Interlaken is famous of, the Alpenperle Premium, which is brewed by Rugenbrau, is a malty taste, typical lager beer, bearing the distinctive flavor and character of the local region.

Von Daniken has been one of the most popular writers and researchers of mystery sites and phenomena across the world. His discoveries may serve as evidence or indications that Aliens and/or Gods have visited our planet. The Mystery Park, or Jungfrau Park as it is called today, is a collection of simulated mystery places from around the world, also assisted by the projection of slides, films and various multimedia applications, through which the visitor can realize an imaginary journey in time and space and explore a wide range of strange geographical, cultural, astronomical and historical revelations, coincidences and events.

If you happen to visit Interlaken, you should not miss the chance to enjoy the breathtaking views from Europe’s highest railway station, located on Mt. Jungfrau, at 3,500 meters above sea level. Once there, if the fresh and cold air makes you hungry, you can visit the restaurant named (not without reason apparently!) the “Top of Europe”.  What’s more, another astonishing attraction located in the same area, is the “Ice Palace”, which hosts a one-of-its-kind collection of ice sculptures and formations.

Certainly not for the faint at heart, the Jungfrau Marathon is held in September every year and runners are faced with the task of running 42.2 kilometers, starting in Interlaken and finishing 1,823 meters higher, at Kleine Scheidegg. Arriving at the finishing line can be quite a challenge, however those accomplishing the feat will be able to boast that they have taken part in“…The most beautiful marathon in the world…

Although the peace and tranquility of the landscape surrounding Interlaken is a magnet for many holidaymakers, the various festivals hosted in the town also attract big tourist crowds. A major event is the Interlaken International Trucker & Country Festival, hoarding thousands of trucker and country fans from around the world.  

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