Isle of Wight - Island of Nature

This article describes the best island in UK, Isle of Wight. One can know the important places in Isle of Wight and also why they are important, best time of visit to the island and the travel in Isle of Wight. One can have a view of most important towns in Isle of Wight. One can clearly understand what they can get if they visit the island.

I would term "Isle of Wight" as the best weekend destination in UK. With good beaches, good scope for water sports, greenery all around and also easily commutable, Isle of Wight attracts me a lot. It has something for all ages. The ideal time to visit the island is obviously summer. 

Main attraction is the Needles Point which is in the west part of the Isle. The rock formations are in a shape of a needle. There is a beautiful rope way carriage where anyone could get a spectacular view of the beach and the cliffs around. One can also have a boat ride to the needles which would be even more exciting. Glass factory near needles point is a must visit. The making of glass items is demonstrated which is will be  a good experience.. From Needles you can head over to Yarmouth. The Yarmouth Sailing Club is a popular sailing club in the UK. One can also visit Isle of Wight Pearl Factory which is a famous destination in the western part of the island. It has a huge collection of purchasable items as well as exhibits. Very close to the sea shore it offers a spectacular view. The drive in the island would be really fantastic. One with a fascination for long rides and also hikers would have a great time. Sandown and Shanklin are other popular beaches. The important city in the Isle is Newport which is at the centre of the Isle and a busy place. The entire island is easily accessible from Newport. 

 The town of Ryde is another important place and it is the entry point to the island for people coming from Southampton. The ferry station is a good point which has a long pier into the sea. It also has activity centre which offers various sports like Ice Skating and Hockey. Anyone can go and give a try in the Ice Skating rink for a normal cost. Good restaurants are present near to the pier. Carisbrooke Castle and Osborne House are the places to visit apart from the beaches and the small towns. Isle of Wight steam railway is the oldest railway in UK and travelling in it would be a good experience.


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