LGBT Travel: Why Iceland is a Hot Gay Travel Destination and Icelandic Gay Pride

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If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender you may want to put Reykjavik, Iceland on your list of dream travel destinations. Iceland is one of the world's leaders in legal and social acceptance of the LGBT community, and Iceland's capital, Reykjavik is home to several buzzing gay bars and night clubs.

2010 Gay Pride Reykjavik, Iceland

The 2010 Gay Pride Parade in Iceland is going to be a really significant one for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community not only in Iceland but worldwide. Although this is Iceland's 5th Gay Pride Parade, 2010's LGBT celebration will be the first Gay Pride Parade in a country where the Prime Minister is a lesbian women, not only that but a legally married lesbian woman.


Iceland's Gay Pride celebrations of 2010 - Hinsegin Dagar - will take place on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of August 2010, with the actual parade taking place on Saturday at 2pm. The 2010 LGBT Icelandic celebration will open on Thursday evening at the Haskolabio theatre and the weekend's events include films, art, drama, a benefit dance, open-air concert and of course the Gay Pride parade.


The gay and lesbian movement in Iceland went from 0 to 100 in about 30 years. The movement for gay rights in Iceland kicked off in 1978 and the gay Icelandic community has rapidly gained equality, today Iceland has one of the best records for social and legal gay and lesbian rights in the world.


Major mile stones in modern Iceland history for the gay rights movement

1940-Homosexuality legalized in Iceland

LGBT emancipation began in 1940 when the law outlawing homosexuality was amended, and open homosexuality ceased to be a legal offence.


1996-Legal same-sex registered partnerships in Iceland

In Iceland in 1996 gays and lesbians gained the legal right to register partnerships as a couple. In addition to that gay and lesbian couples from other countries were welcome to come and register their partnerships in Iceland. These registered partnerships were held reciprocal validation in countries with similar laws.


2009-Iceland gets world's first openly LGBT Prime Minister

On 1st February 2009 Iceland elected the first ever openly Lesbian women Prime Minister. This was the world's first openly LGBT Prime Minister. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir has been in the Icelandic government since 1978, holding various important political positions. It is important to note that Siguroardottir was "out" before being elected Prime Minister. In 2002 Siguroardottir registered her partnership with her female life partner entering a civil union.

2010-Iceland legalizes same-sex marriage

In June 2010, Iceland's parliament unanimously voted to make marriage between same sex partners legal. The Icelandic lesbian Prime Minister became one of the first to change her civil union with her life partner into a legal same sex marriage.


LGBT rights in Iceland

LGBT rights in Iceland now include the right to marry, adopt, IVF insemination and legal protection from discrimination.

There is a proud gay community in the larger Icelandic cities but in the rural areas the Icelandic residence are still more conservative.

Reykjavik has several lively and friendly LGBT bars and pubs and with the amazing Reykjavik nightlife gays and lesbians visiting Iceland will have no shortage of options for night time revelry.

Iceland appears to be immerging as a top LGBT travel destination for 2010, so even if you can't make it for the Reykjavik Gay Pride celebrations of 2010 put Iceland on your list of hot LGBT travel spots.


Reykjavik LGBT Night Spots

Reykjavik, Iceland's best known gay and lesbian hangouts include:

Club Barbara Sunshine, spreads over 2 floors, and is also straight friendly. This Reykjavik gay bar/club is at 22 Laugavegi Street, with the entrance on the adjacent side street.

There is also Café Cozy at 3 Austurstræti and Q Bar at 3 Ingólfsstræti Street, both these café/bars are laid back and open to both straight and gay clientele, as well as being quiet cafes during the day.

The Gay and lesbian community center in Reykjavik, Iceland holds regular get togethers and events as well as welcoming guests at their Rainbow Café. You can find the Gay and lesbian community center in Reykjavik at Laugavegur 3, and contact them on line at

While in Iceland you may find this advice about where to stay, tour and eat helpful as well as these tips about interesting traditional Icelandic foods and ice-cream.



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