Making a Trip to the Lovely Burgundy, France

If you ever want to go to France, but you are not sure where to go exactly .... I have a plan.... You should go to visit Burgundy, especially Dijon, Where the good wine and ORIGINAL Dijon Mustard is from. It's a pretty big town, where you will find the finest original, traditional French cuisine. Also different museum such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon where beautiful paintings and sculpture will be, the Musée Archéologique to learn about history of the town. If you want to learn about the culture and about the way "bourguignons" were living go to the Musée de la Vie Bourguignonne. And learn more about how they were and still make wine, and why they are so popular and famous for wines.


Dijon is famous for its mustard, even though around 90% of all mustard seeds used are imported, mainly from Canada. The term Dijon mustard (moutarde de Dijon) designates a method for the making of mustard, particularly strong if made in that fashion. Most Dijon mustard (brands such as Amora or Maille) is produced industrially, and in fact need not be produced around Dijon. The name has become genericized, meaning it cannot be registered for protected designation of origin status under European Union law.[6] Dijon mustard shops also feature exotic or unusually-flavored mustard (for example fruit-flavoured Dijon), often sold in decorative hand-painted faience (china) pots.


As the capital of the Burgundy region, Dijon reigns over some of the best wine country in the world. Many superb vineyards producing vins d'appellation contrôlée, such as Vosne-Romanée and Gevrey-Chambertin, are within 20 minutes of the city center. The town's university boasts a renowned oenology institute. The drive from Santenay to Dijon, known as the route des Grands Crus, passes through an idyllic countryside of vineyards, rivers, villages, forests, and twelfth-century churches. The region's architecture is distinguished by, among other things, toits bourguignons (Burgundian roofs) made of tiles glazed in terra cotta, green, yellow and black and arranged in eye-catching geometric patterns.

The city is also well known for its crème de cassis, or blackcurrant liqueur, used in the drink known as "Kir" (white wine, especially Bourgogne aligoté, with blackcurrant liqueur, named after former mayor of Dijon canon Félix Kir). The same drink made with champagne instead of white wine is known as a Kir Royal.

If you are visiting in September you will be lucky to assist to the International and Gastronomic Fair. It's a two weeks events that bring 500 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors from all over the country. The smell of the national and regional foods will guide you around! The best candies, pastries and regional meal, enough to keep you a day eating and tasting.... FORGET ABOUT YOUR DIET!! Dijon is twined with Dallas, TX.

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