Places to See in Helsinki

Helsinki is a historical city characterized by the presence of some of the wonderful spots of tourist interest in Europe.

Helsinki is not only the capital of Finland but also the principal seaport of the country. The commercial city of Helsinki is bordered on the south by the Gulf of Finland. Natural beauty adorns this historical city by virtue of its glorious greenery in the form of innumerable parks. Guided walking tour and bicycle rental are the two ways of exploring this historical city.

Tourists buy the Helsinki Card to explore the city by means of unlimited travel through the city buses and trains. One can use the card for a maximum period of three days. This card is available at all the major hotels in the city. Helsinki is home to some of the finest tourist spots in Europe. These spots include Cathedrals, museums, concert halls, splendid old and historical buildings, fortresses and year-round markets.

Tourists throng Suomenlinna otherwise called as the ‘Gibraltar of the North’. It is a fortress on a small island along the harbor in the city of Helsinki. This splendid place abounds in restaurants, parks and biking paths. An open air theater is the hallmark of the fortress. Visitors never fail to make trips to two military museums situated in the fortress. A large Cathedral by name Uspenskin Cathedral is a special attraction in the city of Helsinki. It is located at the foot of the Katajanokka Hill.

Helsinki is home to the Finnish National Gallery that houses rare and spectacular art works housed in four separate buildings, namely, the Museum of Finnish Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Foreign Art and the Central Art Archive. A visit to the Railroad Station is a must in the sense that this historical building is characterized by the presence of a green clock tower, created by Elie Saarinen. Tourists throng the place to take still photos of this pinkish granite building that looks gorgeous indeed.

Visitors spend their time shopping at the busy Market Square, Helsinki’s principal market place. They revel at purchasing flowers and fresh fruit sold in numerous stalls situated along the harbor. Symphony orchestras perform regularly at the spacious and mammoth concert hall called Finlandiatalo. Just a little away from the concert hall is the National Opera House known for its breath-taking architecture. The city of Helsinki is home to a few other places of tourist interest such as the Helsinki University, White Stone Cathedral, Government Palace and Senate Square. Carl Ludwig Engel, the eminent architect takes the credit for designing most of the splendid constructions in the city of Helsinki.


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