Seaside Resorts in the South East of England

A guide to some of the best seaside resorts in the South East of England and what they have to offer its visitors.

The South East of England has some spectacular coastlines housing some great seaside resorts. The coastline itself is varied and the resorts are equally so. They are all also ideally located for day trips to England’s capital city, London. Here is an overview of some of the best seaside resorts to visit during your stay in the South East of England.


One of the most popular and well known resorts in this region of England is Eastbourne. This town has a traditional, English seaside feel and is a great destination for a family holiday as there is plenty to do for the children, including lots of fun and games on the beach. Not only does this town boast excellent beaches, it has a pier and a promenade and all the facilities and features that can typically be expected in a seaside resort.


An equally famous destination in the South East of England is Dover. There are two main reasons why Dover is a well known destination. Firstly, the outstanding beauty of the white cliffs. Secondly, Dover is the main port in England for travelling by sea to other European destinations. The history and culture of this town should also not be overlooked. The history of the town dates back to Roman times. One of the best landmarks of historical interest in this area is Dover castle which was built by the Normans. The castle also has extraordinary historical links with World War II as it was used as a base for evacuating troops from Dunkirk.


Another town that is famous historically is Hastings. It was here that the Battle of Hastings, 1066, took place. The ruins of the castle that was built by William the Conqueror still stand proud above the town. There is more to Hastings than its history. It boasts fantastic beaches and a spectacular promenade. There are also many attractions to keep the whole family entertained during your stay.


A perfect example of a typical, English, seaside resort comes in the form of the town of Margate. Not only has it got a full nine miles of sandy beaches, there are also a vast number of amusements and attractions. Margate also offers numerous venues for sampling traditional seaside food, such as fish and chips, cockles and winkles. Another plus point for this destination is that it is only approximately an hour and a half’s drive away from the capital city, London, and all that this has to offer.


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