Switzerland is a Beautiful Place to Vacation

Switzerland is a great place to go for a vacation. The Alps are awesome. You can go on great skiing trips. There are also great hiking trips that you can take. You can visit Lagano which is know as the "Monte Carlo of Switzerland." There are fabulous

Most people visit Switzerland in summer or the winter.  This is when the outdoor activities can be enjoyed the most and there are so many available.  You will find something to do in Switzerland any time of the year.

Any month of the year is good to explore the Alps. The Alps cover over half of Switzerland and the mountains can reach 15,000 feet above sea level.   The weather can be unpredictable so you will need to take warm clothes when you travel through the Alps.  In Lugano the temperature remains fairly mild year around.  Subtropical vegetation grows in abundance here.  Lugano is known as the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland.”

Switzerland has many activities available in the warmer months.  The hiking is great in the summer and it is also a good time to go sailing.

Geneva and Lucerne are located on beautiful lakes that are great for water activities.  In warm weather the swimming here is fabulous.  In winter the skiing and snowboarding are very popular in Switzerland.  The Mountain resorts like Zermitt, Davos and St. Moritz are some of the best places to ski that Europe has to offer.  They are all very popular when the snow season starts.

Some of the Swiss mountain resorts have skiing up into the summer months.  The slopes around Zermitt will stay open the Longest.

Besides considering the weather when planning a Switzerland vacation you might want to consider the annual events and festivals as they are all great.

Switzerland has many great Carnival celebrations in February.  Basel is one of the best places to go to enjoy the Carnival celebrations.  Lucerne is another good place as they have a great Carnival celebration.  There are good Carnival celebrations all over Switzerland and it is hard to choose which one is best.

The different seasons in Switzerland all have their advantages and visitors who want to take in the full experience of Switzerland might want to plan a return visit for another time of the year.   Switzerland is a land of many delights and even when the outdoor activities are not at their best there will be plenty of shopping and sightseeing to do.  There are many restaurants to visit and many attractions to take in.  A Switzerland vacation is easily filled with many fun activities and you  will enjoy your visit so much you will want to go back for another visit.

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