The Best Places to Eat in Paris

This article will help you to find someplace great to eat if you find yourself in Paris France.

Paris is the most romantic place in the world for many people, there isn't anything more exciting than having a lunch with your honey on the streets of France. Because of this, knowing where the best places to eat in Paris are will make it all the more better because you will be prepared for your romantic French meal. There are several top restaurants in Paris that have great food, awesome ambiance and outstanding customer service that you will definitely have to try when you get to Paris.

La Grand Vefour

One of the more upscale eateries that you will find in Paris, La Grand Vefour is a favorite of both visitors and residents alike. The restaurant has been done in 18th Century furnishings and look, in an understated and elegant way. This restaurant has been a favorite of many famous people as the food and the ambiance is outstanding. The first floor of the restaurant has a public dining room for 65 people, while 22 people can eat in the private dining room. The restaurant is made great by its chef, whose menu and flavorful recipes are the best France has to offer.

Le Dome

The Le Dome restaurant is the best seafood restaurant in Paris, whenever people visit, many of them make this one of their destinations. The restaurant has the art deco furnishings and it is has a light atmosphere that can only be found in Paris. There is a maitre'd at the fron door to ensure you get to your table quickly and that your reservation for your best table or booth is kept. The experience of Le Dome is incredible for anyone who would like to have a French culinary experience.

Le Coupole

Le Coupole is a nice restaurant that used to be the place for the famous, however now it just seems like a place to go for the regular people. The reason it makes this list is because the food is above and beyond what even the best conosuer expects from a little french restaurant. They have top chef quality food that makes this restaurant one of the best places to eat in Paris.

Brasserie Lipp

The Brasserie is a comfortable place that caters to the classiest people, where conversation between scholars, artists and politicians is an everyday occurrence. Where the wine and the beer is of the highest quality and the food is delicious. Brasserie Lipp is wonderfully decorated and comfortable. Many celebrities stop in to enjoy a lunch or dinner with people who just want to get together for lively conversation.

Brasserie Flo

Last but certainly not least, Brasserie Flo, is a favorite little hide away that makes it easy for people to get away from everyday life for something different and delicious to eat. The Brasserie Flo is hard to find but easy to love. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and grab an outstanding meal, you will certainly love this eatery.


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