The Best Unknown Local Restaurants in Berlin with Cheap Meals Under 10 Euro

A list of unknown restaurants in Berlin with cheap eats and great atmosphere.

Van Hoa

Stargarder Straße 79, Prenzlauer Berg

On a tree-lined residential street capped with a towering cathedral, Van Hoa has a sophisticated interior with an unpretentious atmosphere. The spicy chicken glass noodle salad is reason enough for praise. A blend of Asian spices, fresh vegetables, moist chicken, lime juice and clear rice noodles makes a filling and refreshing lunch. If you're in a hurry, take your lemon iced tea to-go.

Imbiss Sanabel

Gabriel-Max-Straße 16, Friedrichshain

This small, unassuming Arab imbiss skirts Boxhagener Platz. The interior is modest, as is the owner. Should you find yourself craving something flavourful, light and altogether delicious, you should take a trip to Sanabel and order the Dajaj (????) Teller. This plate comes loaded with strips of fried Haloumi, herb roasted chicken, hummus, garlic sauce, chili sauce, crisp salad and fresh pita bread. It is enough to stuff one person or comfortably fill two. Sanabel is known for its cheap prices and charming staff. In the summers, this imbiss puts out picnic tables that overlook the park.

Ali Baba

Danziger Straße 2, Eberswalder

Located in the heart of a bustling intersection and open late, Ali Baba gets a lot of traffic. Most people have döner on their minds when ordering, but the real reason Ali Baba is on this list is a bit sweeter. A mixture of date paste and almond meal coated with fresh coconut, these dessert balls are enough to satisfy any sugar craving without guilt or repercussion. Ali Baba is never without a supply of these date balls, large enough to last you all weekend.

Restaurant Minh-Trang

Kant Straße 67, Charlottenburg

Hands down, best Ph? in all of Berlin. Huge steaming bowls of authentic Ph? gà or Ph? bò can be paired with a sweet Vietnamese coffee, cà phê s?a ?á. The lunch rush is hectic and you may have to wait for a table, but the staff is friendly and the service is quick. The only down side: Minh-Trang has only Western cutlery with chop sticks by request. Restaurant Minh-Trang is situated directly across from an Asian supermarket, where you may want to purchase a chinese soup spoon for a more comfortable eating experience. If you're staying in the East, it's a bit of a hike to get there but the trip is well worth the effort. Even Vietnamese Berliners agree this is the place to go!

Al Andalus

Marienburger Straße 29, Prenzlauer Berg

Hard wood floors, comfortable couches and festive streamers create an inviting feel to this café. Al Andalus has a variety of Spanish-influence appetizers and meals that compliment an array of sweet dessert wines, rosés and deep reds. The wine is served in .2L glasses (double the normal portion) that sit nicely in the palm of your hand. The low prices do not reflect the high quality of food and drink. Al Andalus's comfortable atmosphere is as attractive as the menu.


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