Things to Do in Zurich

Discover some of the best attractions in Zurich, Switzerland.

Zurich has many things to offer to the tourists visiting it. Some of the best attractions of this town include the streets with stylish window shops, chic cafes, elegant restaurants and lake cruises.

Shopping in Zurich

Tourists visiting Zurich shouldn’t miss the shops on the Bahnhofstrasse, the main commercial artery of the city. A veritable parade of luxury opens here for the passersby.

 One can find the latest collections of fashion designers, jewelries and expensive watches. The headquarters of the most prestigious Swiss banks rises on the same street, which is opened now only for pedestrian traffic. Even if one is traveling on a budget it costs nothing to take a look.

The Niederdorf area, located in the old town shouldn’t be missed. It will impress the tourists with picturesque alleys and clothing and accessories shops. This area will be a stop not only for those who seek the fashion, but also for the tourists interested in nightlife bars and clubs.

Andorra Bar is highly appreciated by jazz and beer lovers, and the nearby bar Corazon is famous for its finest wines. Tourists can enjoy a breathtaking view of the neighborhood in Tina Bar, and eat a cheap lunch at the Cantina restaurant on ground level of the same building.

Shopping can be a fascinating experience in Rosenhof market. Opened from March to December, the market is located close to the historic town hall and two steps away from the river Limmat. The Rosenhof market is known for the many stalls with antiques, objects brought from distant countries or products of local artisans. Although it looks like fair, Rosenhof can be the best place to find gifts for friends with expensive tastes: clothes, jewelry, precious stones, pottery, and local culinary delights.

Eat traditional delicacies: cheese specialties and chocolate

Tourists who visit Zurich should not postpone too much a lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants that serve local specialties. The Swiss are pleased to offer the best cheese presented in the most surprising forms. Fondue and Raclette cheese are just two of the delicacies you have to try. They are actually two dishes in which the cheese is melted or heated, but each restaurant has its own menus, which reinvent these courses. If you order Fondue, you will taste and enjoy small toast cubes, meat or seafood dipped in a cheese sauce. On the other hand, a classic Raclette will be served with delicious boiled potatoes topped with grill melted cheese.

In Zurich, travelers should have lunch at a lakeside terrace, or in the finest restaurant. Choosing the best place is not an easy thing to do, but those who want a memorable dinner must make reservations at one of popular restaurants. Zum Zunfthaus is one of the famous sites for gourmets who arrive in Zurich. The building with impressive gothic architecture hosts the best restaurants in town. Another mandatory stop is the Jules Verne Bar whose main attraction is the panoramic view. This bar is a tribute to the French author’s visions, because the decor reminds of the submarine in "20,000 Leagues under the sea".

Tourist should have dessert at the famous Lindt chocolate factory. Although tourists can find delicious Lindt chocolate bars all over the town, nothing compares to a visit at the place where Swiss chocolate is made since 1845. A train ride from Zurich to Kilchberg (the suburbs) will bring tourists to the factory’s gates. In the small museum opened there, those who are fond of sweets discover all about the chocolate, the flavors used and can even taste a piece. And who is not satisfied with that, can fill their bag to the store exit.

Cruises and fun activities for kids

If a city tour seems to be exhausting, one can find amusement in a cruise on Lake Zurich and the Limmat River. From early spring until late autumn, tourists enjoy boat rides on the river. Most of them have a glass roof, so the scenery is stunning. A boat tour on the lake or river takes about one and a half hour.

Zurich Zoo can be a perfect place for a quiet stroll away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Founded in 1929, the Zoo Park is one of the favorite attractions of families with children. It hosts hundreds of species and a recreated rainforest in the outskirts. Kids can take part in workshops and may assist in the parade of penguins.


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