Tips to Stay in London During the Summer Olympics Games 2012

London is a great city with a glorious cultural heritage and very rich history. The capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a brand name itself. London is center of world politics, culture, fashion and finance and arguably referred as the number one global city.

London is calling you! With the progression of time the 2012 Olympics games is going to be even more exiting in the international capital of the world, as London is often referred to.  The city is now at the centre of focus by all kinds of media companies. The biggest challenge for tourists and visitors to this great city is finding an accommodation. Even though London is not among the top 20 costliest cities of the world, yet at this time of such a mega event being held, finding a place to stay In London is the first priority for tourists. 

Round the year, London has millions of tourists coming in. Many of them come for a short stay while some stay little longer. However, London is so massive a city that it can accommodate this huge influx of tourists round the year. Besides, at other time tourists would not stay just in any particular part of the city, rather they would just spread all over the city. But the Olympics Game is going to be held mainly in East London, which is relatively crowded. East London is one of the most ethnically vibrant settlement centres on earth. House rent is relatively cheaper in this part of the city; however, recent redevelopment of Stratford, the main Olympic Site and adjoining areas, has pushed the rent up significantly. Still, it is not going to be difficult for tourists, especially those who are going to be part of the games, if they just do a little bit of research about accommodation in London.

The best way to find accommodation in London is to go to an estate agency office; they have all types of offers for you, even for a short stay. There are tens of hundreds of estate agencies in London. However, it is advised to pick out the medium and small ones who will not rip you off. You must bargain for a desirable deal though. Another popular and convenient way of finding accommodation is searching through window advertisements by local corner shops and small groceries or departmental shops. There is something for everybody on these advertisements. You can contact the landlords or landladies or the advertisers directly over phone. They will not delay to turn around to show you the properties you are interested in.

An excellent option of booking accommodation is through web site. It is the best online source to find accommodations in London. However, be aware of scam advertisements and making any payment online in advance to book a place to stay. London is a very big city, so if you do not become successful by following any of the above tips, do not worry. You will certainly find something to your likings and on budget. The best places certainly to include in your sought after list should be Bow Church, Bow Road, Poplar, Strartford, Mile End, Benthnal Greeen, Beckton and Upton Park to name a few.

London is London, the safest capital city on planet earth with a glorious past and rich imperial history. Your visit to London could not be any better than now. London itself is a world-class brand name. Its top-class museums, art galleries, opera houses, majestic architectural sites and buildings, and shopping districts particularly in the west ends will surely amaze you and make your visit a memorable event for your entire life. 


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