U.K. Single Parent Organization Plans Christmas With Santa In Lapland

Single parent organization plans trips for single parents with their children to Lapland in Finland. It is a wonderful opportunity for both the parents as well as the children to enjoy a vacation in the company of other families in their situation. A chan

Going on holiday with your children can often be stressful for two parents, but when you are a single parent family, the thought of taking your children on holiday especially in a different country that you have never visited can seem somewhat frightening and often overwhelming. However, one U.K. Single parent organization has found a way to take a great deal of the stress from single parents holidaying with their children. In fact, their latest adventure will be a Christmas trip to Lapland where children will get to spend the Christmas holiday with the jolly old Elf, Santa himself.

Single With Kids is a single parent organization in the United Kingdom, that strives to make being a single parent or the child of a single parent not only easier, but awesome as well. Considering that 50% of marriages end in divorce, being part of a single family is not as unique as it once was, so it seems only natural that single families should band together, share experiences, and support one another. And this is just part of what Single with Kids does. The organization also plans trips to a number of fun and exotic locations over the course of the year, so that single parents can holiday with their children without having to go it alone. Their December trip to Lapland, however, is one of the more exciting trips on their calendar.

Finland’s Winter Wonderland

Those signing up for this winter holiday will be staying at Ruka, which was recently voted as one Finland’s best resorts and lies just below the arctic circle. Here families will get to see breathtaking scenery, go on reindeer safaris, take husky sleigh rides into the forest, or simply toboggan in this breathtaking winter wonderland. There is every chance in the world that they will also be able to see the Northern lights in all their majestic splendor.

Lapland is the largest and most northern region of Findland and one of the most majestic when it comes to winter splendor. Tourism is essential to the Lapland economy and there is no better time to visit this country than at Christmas time as the entire area just seems to scream St. Nick, reindeer and magic.

Of course this is a perfect location for snowman building and making snow snow angels as well, so families can enjoy winter at it's breathtaking best from the simplest of activities to those that can be considered “one of kind.”

A Visit With Santa

While the trip is recommended for families whose children are 3 and up, one of the highlights of the entire trip is a visit with Santa, in his own home! This is sure to be an exciting part of the trip for not just the children, but those who are young at heart.

For younger children, spending Christmas where Santa lives will not only make for an exciting vacation, but will give them memories that will last a lifetime, not to mention make for repeated storytelling at school.

Activities Galore

The single with kids organization works hard to plan a trip that is filled with assorted activities which includes group activities with both parents and children, supervised activities just for the children, and some activities just for adults so that everyone has a terrific vacation. One of the best things about this organization’s trip to Lapland is that because the trip is made up of people who belong to the organization and have gotten to know each other through other activities, both the children and parents are making this trip with friends, which enhances the experience.

Parents can relax more knowing that if something happens they have an organization behind them and other parents for support. There is also safety in numbers so everyone has more of a sense of security as well.

It's difficult to imagine anything more fun for single parent families, or any family, than a visit to Santa Land...I mean Lapland for the Christmas holiday.





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