Vacation in Hydra, Greece

Hydra, Greece is a great place for a vacation. You can visit the many churches and monasteries. Hydra has a beautiful harbor and it is a favorite port of call for the cruise ships. You can take a hike up Mount Eros to the monastery of Profitis Elias. You can also visit the convent of Agia Efpraxia.

Hydra is one of the Saromice islands and is near Athens.  Wealthy people from around the world own homes here.  It is a favorite vacation spot for many people. It is a very quiet place as not motorized vehicles are allowed.

Hydra's main economy is tourism.  They also have a fishing industry and farming.

Hydra only has one sandy beach and it is owned by the Miramare Hotel.  The hotel has many holiday bungalows for tourists.  They have many water sports available for their guests.  They have a windsurfing center, which can be used by the public.

You can explore underwater caves, reefs and marine life.  You can sign up for escorted dive tours, which are great.

Hydra is said to have 365 churches.  You must visit the 18th century Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on the waterfront.  The monastery is built of marble building blocks that came from the Temple of Poseidon in Porcos.

Hydras beaches are pebble beaches.  The Mandraki beach is a 20 minute walk from downtown.  Mandraki beach is very popular with the tourists.  Moios, Palamida and Kaminia are very popular places with tourists also.  They are sandier than some of the other beaches.

Hydra has a beautiful small harbor that is a sight to behold.  The harbor is home to many pleasure boats.  Shops and taverns are lined up along the harbor.  You can find better shopping downtown.  The family taverns that are down town have better food.  The Douskos tavern still makes its own retsina.

You can hike up Mount Eros to the monastery of Profitis Ilias.  You can also visit the convent of Agia Efpraxia.  The hike is 1,500 up hill.  You can also hike to the Aghii Taxiarchi convent.  These are very religious communities and you must be properly dressed.  Shorts and brief tops are not acceptable.

Hydra has many art galleries you can visit.  You will see artists working everywhere.

Hydra is famous for day trips.  You would do yourself a great favor is you spent a couple of days in Hydra taking in the sites.  You can go to the harbor in the morning and watch the cruise ships dock.  Hydra is a port of call for many cruise lines.

Many of Hydras buildings are from the 18th century.  You can visit St. Constantine, the Virgin Mary and St. John.  You can visit monasteries that are open to visitors.  Ag. Efprafia and the Monastery of Mophet Elias are on Mt. Eros.  You can enjoy fabulous views from here.  A vacation in Hydra is a great experience.


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