Visit Top Tourist Attractions in London with Cheap Eurostar Tickets

The irresistible tourist attractions in London

There are many interesting tourist attractions in London. If you want to travel to this beautiful city as a tourist, you need a good plan. This is the only way to ensure that you have the time to visit all of them, especially when you have limited time to do so. London has a great network of railway transport. Therefore, accessing the major attraction sites in this city is quite easy. Eurostar train service provides the best public transport service. In addition, you can benefit from the cheap Eurostar tickets, which are on offer on most routes around the city. Eurostar deals are very popular with people who visit London either as local or foreign tourists.

Tourist attractions in London are as interesting as they are popular. The Buckingham Palace, which is the main residence of the Royal Family, was built in 1903.This palace, is rich in history and any keen tourist will get to know a lot of information about the Royal Family of England and it is one of the most treasured tourist attractions in London.

The Tower of London one of the interesting tourist attractions in London to visit. It served as a prison, fortress and the official royal residence. Rumors are abound that this tower is hounded by the ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn. For those who are not freaked out by creepy stories, this is the place to visit. The British Museum houses some of the most ancient artifacts in the world. The Easter Island Statue, Rosetta Stone and oldest Christ’s image are all found here making the area a premiere and top of tourist attractions in London. Visiting the Trafalgar Square brings the memories of the Battle of Trafalgar back to life. This is especially an interesting place to visit if you have an interest in the history of ancient world’s famous battles. Most political demonstrations in London are also held here.

The clock Tower of London is one of the most noticeable features of the city. It is the world’s most outstanding working four-faced clock. The Madam Tussaud’s is a favorite spot for museum lovers. Replicas of wax celebrities, which are life-size, are found here. The Spacedome and the London Planetarium are just a stone’s throw distance from this site.

The London’s eye gives visitors an opportunity to have an inhibited view of the skyline of this beautiful city. It has 32 pods for passengers that are air-conditioned.

Whether you are planning to stay in London for few days for a whole week, taking advantage of the Eurostar deals can save you transport costs. Cheap Eurostar tickets can ease the strain on your fare budget and give you an opportunity to stay in London longer.



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