Wedding Destination - Yacht Wedding In Cyprus

Discover what the romantic location of Cyprus has to offer as a wedding destination. What could be a more romantic wedding location than the home of the Greek Goddess of Love on your own private yacht.

Cyprus boasts a pleasantly warm climate with sunshine blanketing the land. You will experience an eclectic mix of cultural influences wherever you go from the pristine beaches to quaint and charming villages, and not forgetting the friendly and hospitable locals which captivate the hearts of every visitor. Where would be a more fitting destination than Cyprus the island of love and birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite? This would be the most romantic symbol being blessed right where the true meaning of love originated.

And just to take it one step further, why not exchange vows whilst sailing in this idyllic setting on your very own private yacht. This is such an intimate and secluded environment to celebrate your new and exciting journey as you sail the stunning coastlines. You will be blessed by the most captivating surroundings with your day being uniquely tailored bringing all of your childhood dreams to life. This destination will without a doubt create a magical and unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

A yacht wedding will provide you with glamour and style whether it is a 2 hour sunset cruise with cocktails and canapés for a small and intimate gathering, or a 6 hour expedition including a sumptuous buffet dinner for a celebration for 150 people. Sail the magical crystal blue seas as the sun slowly sets over the horizon while you and your guests kick off your shoes and dance the night away. To top of this truly special day, farewell your guests as you surrender to the luxurious Honeymoon Suite where classy champagne and decadent chocolates await. Yacht wedding packages are a popular choice, for a simple ceremony only package you will pay around £799-£1399 for 20 guests and £15 for each extra person. However if you would like all the trimmings including honeymoon suite you will pay around £1299-£1799 for 20 people.

Wedding regulations vary slightly depending on which island you are having your ceremony. In some cases you may be required to be staying on the particular island for a nominated time frame before the wedding. You are required to submit your application at least 2 months beforehand along with your birth certificate, declaration of freedom to marry, and passports valid for 10 years. You are required to bring all original and legalised documents with you to Cyprus. Your marriage certificate will be in Greek therefore it will need to be translated to your native language once you are back in your home country.

Accommodation in Cyprus will provide you with pure luxury while maintaining their original beauty. You may like to take up residence in a private bungalow within a resort village where you will be privy to all the amenities and facilities. Private Holiday villas are also a fantastic choice and provide a home away from home. Traditional style villas still exude their character and charm featuring splendid displays of architecture from the past.

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