You Must Visit the Beautiful Castles in Germany

When you visit Germany you must visit the castles. Some of them are still standing today and are just beautiful. There are others that all that is left are ruins. You should also take a drive down Castle Road where you will find 70 palaces and castles. Many of the castles are now hotels, restaurants and museums. There are many tours of the castles available to the public.

Germany has over 25,000 castles and some of them have been converted into hotels, restaurants and museums.  Many of Germany’s castles are in ruins.  Germany has so many castles because during the Middle Ages, it was divided into many small feudal states and the castles were built to keep out the enemy.

When you visit Germany, you must visit some of these beautiful castles because they are all great in their own way and an experience you will not forget.  German castles are different and unique.  When you visit the castles, you will get the feeling you have stepped back in time.

The first castle that King Ludevig II built was the Neuschwanstein Castle.  The first castle was planned as a small ornate castle in a Gothic style.  King Ludevig II rejected the plans as too small.  In 1869, Neuschwanstein castle was shown as a massive temple.  The cattle had forced air heating and indoor plumbing.  Neuschwanstein castle is an interesting place to visit.

Wartburg castle was built in 1067 and it has been modified and added to many times.  The East German Government started restoring the castle in 1952.  They restored it back to the way it was in the 16th century.  The Wartburg castle is an interesting place to visit when in Germany.

Heidelberg castle is one of Germanys most well known landmarks.  The castle and its gardens were destroyed in the 30 year war.  Prince Elector Karl Ludwig started rebuilding the castle in 1649.  The French destroyed the castle again.  Heidelberg castle is now just a pile of ruins.

Kings Hall was added to the castle in 1934.  The hall is now used for dinner banquets, balls and theater presentations.  The famous Heidelberg Tun is kept in the cellar of the castle.  The Tun holds 58,124 gallons. This huge wine vat was built 1751 and 130 oak tree trunks were used.

The Burg Eltz castle is a huge medieval structure and is the most famous of all German castles.  The castle is in the forest in the Lower Moselle Valley.  The Burg Eltz became known in 1157 and it still belongs to the same family.

The Burg Eltz castle has 80 rooms that rise up to 10 stories high from 8 towers.  The Burg Eltz Castle has been mainly a luxury family home.  You will see beautiful period furniture and art when you tour this castle.  The Knights Hall has an exhibit of 16th century armor that is impressive. The Burg Eltz has a very peaceful history and is one of  Germanys best preserved castles.

The Eltz River is on three sides of Burg Eltz Castle and this castle is one of the most popular attractions in Germany.  The only castle that is more popular is the Frankenstein Castle.

Two of the three wings of the castle are open to the public for tours.  The third section is the residence of the Eltz family.  If you want to visit the castle, you must take a 45 minute tour.  The tour will take you to the Gothic Chapel. 

In 1160 Prince Nicollet, Lord of Schwerin Castle set the castle on fire to keep Henry the Lion from getting it.  Henry the Lin ordered the Schwerin castle to be rebuilt.

In the 17th century, the castle had been completely transformed into a palace.  In 1913, one third of the castle was destroyed by fire.  In 1921, the castle was made into a museum.

The Celle Castle was built in 980 by a Brunonen count.  The Celle Castle was one a residence of the House of Brunswick-Lunenburg.  The Celle Castle has four wings and is a large castle.  The cellar vault and the lower stories of the watchtower are still intact.  There has been much of the castle restored and there are guided tours available that are very good.

It is believed Cochem Castle was built in the 11th century.  During the time of Archbishop Baldwin, the castle was enlarged.  The Cochem Castle was destroyed in 1689 and it stayed in ruins until 1868 when it was completely rebuilt.  The Raven family used the Cochem castle as a summer residence.

In 1933 Colditz Castle became a political prison for communists, homosexuals, Jews and other undesirables.  The construction of the Colditz castle started in 1158.  In the Middle Ages Colditz castle was a watchtower for the German Emperors.

At the beginning of the 15th century, Thimo VIII sold Colditz for 15,000 silver marks.  This ended 250 years of rule by the Lords of Colditz.  In 1430, the castle was burned by the Hussites.  In 1464, restoration was started on the castle.  In 1504, the castle was set on fire again. In 1694, the castle was turned into a hunting lodge.  Augustus the Strong had a lot of work done on the castle and he added a second courtyard and 700 rooms.

In May 1945, the Russians took over the Colditz castle and turned it into a prison.  After the Russians left, the castle became a home for the elderly and a hospital and psychiatric clinic.  The castle became empty in 1996.  The castle now gets an occasional visitor.

Mespelbrunn Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in northern Bavaria.  The castle dates back to the 13th century and it is one of the best preserved castles in Germany.  The Mespelbrunn castle is a must see place.

Burghausen Castle is in southern Germany.  It is located on the west bank of the Salzac River. Burghausen castle is the longest castle in Germany and in Europe and has 6 magnificent courtyards.   The castle was started in 600 AD.

Heinrich VIII built the main castle in 1255.  Most of the castle still stands.  Each of the castle courtyards has a fortified gate, moat and wooden drawbridge.  Each courtyard has its own history.  The castle is not the home of two museums.  A visit to Burghausen Castle is a must.

There are many more castles in Germany.  You can take a trip down Castle Road, which is 625 miles long and you will see 70 palaces and castles along the way. You can have a special vacation and spend the night in a German castle.  Your trip will be special one you will never forget.


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